Scratch, Scuff & Paint Chip Repairs

A small scratch or paint scuff if left unrepaired can escalate into major rust problems we offer cost effective solutions to minors repairs.

Minor Damage Repairs

Scratch, scuff & paint chip repairs, and minor damage to paint work can be irritating. This type of damage can also bring the overall look and resale value of a vehicle down. Failure to tackle paint scratch and chip removal can lead to further long term issues. A small scratch, scuff or paint chip if left unrepaired can escalate into major rust problems. However it need not be expensive to repair. Many scratches, scuffs and paint chips can be repaired with the minimum respraying necessary.

Cost Effective Scratch, Scuff and Paint Chip Repairs

Most light damage to bumpers, bumper mouldings or bumper corners can be repaired without having to re-spray the entire bumper. So rather than waste your money on expensive complete new bumper replacement. Why not just get the affected area repaired. Similarly with scratches and scuffs on other body panels.  Our experienced technicians will repair the damaged scratch, scuff or paint chips on your vehicle and then skilfully blend the new paint with your existing colour. This ensures that when your vehicle is complete it will not be obvious to anyone looking that you have had a repair carried out to it.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how little your minor scratch, scuff or paint chip can be to repair.  So if you require more information on how our scratch, scuff or paint chip repair service can help you . Call us today and speak to one of our experts for your no obligation free quotation 01642 462303 or alternatively email on

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