Chassis Realignment & Misalignment

Our chassis realignment rig will straighten out any damage caused during an accident to your chassis.

Damaged Chassis Repair

Chassis realignment and misalignment is one thing that can happen as a result of an accident. The chassis or subframe as it is also referred to is the structural component of the vehicle. The subframe is designed to carry certain other parts of the vehicle such as the engine and body of the car. It is critical to the safe operation of the vehicle. Misalignment of any sort can result in unnecessary vibration through the car body. Chassis misalignment can also cause alignment issues with the suspension and steering. More importantly if a vehicle is not correctly aligned. In the event of another accident the car will not act as per the manufacturers’ original specifications (crash testing results).

Chassis Realignment Process

Chassis are generally realigned using a jig. It is the only way to be sure that all the critical alignment is correct. Here at Premier Bodyworks we have the trained staff and equipment to repair chassis misalignments due to general wear and tear or from accident damage and shunts.

Had an Accident? Is your Chassis Misaligned?

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