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This car came to us with passenger side / near side rear quarter and front passenger door accident damage. The young driver whose car it is had tried to complete a reversing manoeuvre and clipped a post. In trying to correct the mistake the edge of the door had got caught up and caused more damage. When the car arrived with us the bodywork was scraped and dented, the paintwork was down to bare metal in places. In addition the edge of the passenger side had been slightly bent where it had got caught.

There are two ways of tackling an accident damage repair like this. You can remove the rear quarter or repair the existing one. Removing the quarter is a major job and if not done correctly can also cause more issue in the future.  Wherever possible it is preferable to carry out a bodywork repair on the existing panel. This way there is no chance of compromising the integrity of the structure of the car by cutting out and welding in new panels.

Although on the face of it this looks like a small accident damage repair due to its location it was quite tricky. This is due to a combination of the colour of the car, and the shape of the bodywork above and below the swage line as it runs away along the length of the quarter panel.  This makes it difficult to get a true repair line.

You will see from the photos and the accompanying video. The first step was to grind down the accident damage and surrounding area back to the bare metal.  Our experienced panel beater then began teasing the damaged metal back into shape. When this stage of the repair is as close to perfect as is possible. The next stage is to even out any remaining small imperfections. This is achieved using good quality body filler, ensuring a smooth, even and floorless finish before the final preparation for repainting.  The area around the initial repair is scotched to ensure new and old paint can be blended seamlessly. The whole area is then cleaned thoroughly before being masked and transferred to the booth for priming and painting.

We use the Octoral Eco Plus range of water based products from start to finish. This is an environmentally friendly solution and gives us the ability to offer a 2 year warrantee on paintwork. We start the process with a high build primer on the entire repair area (PF131). This is followed by an application of Wet on Wet sealer (PH254). Finally we re-sprayed the car with a base coat of Carbon Flash Metallic (22C) with a top coat of clear coat C400 to ensure a top quality gloss finish.

The last stage is to valet and polish the entire car before carrying out our final in house quality checks and releasing the car back to the customer as good as new.

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