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JAGUAR XK8 Coupe – Restoration

This beautiful classic Jaguar came in to us for some TLC. As is often the case with certain makes and models, they present rust and corrosion in the same areas on the bodywork. This car was typical of this and had had extensive previous repairs to these localities. Our remit was to treat; the rust areas on the rear of the car where the rear bumper meets the rear panel, round the rear wheel arches and around the front wings and front wheel arches.

Subsequently where the previous repairs had been carried out there was a vast amount of filler present. We proceeded to cut this entirely out and replaced it with new metal. Using panel grade sheet steel our experience fabricator carefully welded in and shaped patches of fresh steel. This was a pain staking process. Shaping the bare sheet metal to the original shape of the car is no mean feat.

Replacing sections of metal was absolutely necessary due to the sheer amount of filler used and widespread rust in the surrounding areas. By repairing the car this way we ensured that it was once again solid in the areas where the inner wing, wings, and bumpers fixed to the body of the car.

All in all we carried out repairs to; both rear corners of the back panel and round into both rear wheel arches, front passenger side wheel arch and fitted a new wing to the front driver’s side as this was beyond repair.

As well as repair the rust and replacing the damaged metal we also re-sprayed the car in its original base colour of MDP Ice Blue

So if the apple of your eye needs a little TLC or you have a classic that needs restoration you’ve come to the right place. Why not call us today and speak to one of our experts for your no obligation free quotation 01642 462303 or alternatively email on



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