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Commercial Vehicle Repair – Accident Damaged Van

Here at Premier Bodyworks Middlesbrough we undertake all work commercial vehicle repairs.  We can respray anything from small machinery and motorbike parts to HGV and heavy plant machinery.  Utilising our purpose built Dalton spray booth. Therefore when this medium sized van came into us with major passenger side rear quarter accident damage, we just rolled our sleeves up and got on with it…

As you can see from the photographs this van had been in the wars in a serious way.  The damage extended from the rear of the passenger side sliding door. With the major impact being on the rear quarter panel and stretched right back to the rear of the van.

The first step was to grind the repair area back to enable the dent pulling process to begin to try and get the metal back to as near as possible its original height.  This is a job for an experienced panel beater, enter stage right our dent pulling expert Kenny. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry Kenny has worked for some of the household names in commercial vehicle repairs. By choosing the right position and applying the correct tension along with skilled panel beating to release the tension in the metal Kenny was able to ease out most of the dents.

The next stage is to apply a small amount of a high quality body filler to take out the smaller imperfections. Done professionally these processes can take some time. From applying the first coat, then sanding it back and feeling along the repair site for rises or bevels. When the repair site is ready the area is ready for priming, followed by a skilfully blended base coat to ensure the repair area is seamless with the existing paintwork, then a top coat of lacquer. Finally a wash and polish up and the van looks as good as new.

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