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BMW 4 Series M Sport

This car had received major side impact damage when it came in to us with driver side door, rear quarter panel and sill damage.

Again this is a job for an experienced panel beater. Tackling this amount of damage in this location of a car shouldn’t be taken on lightly; it takes experience and a good eye to repair damage like this to get a car looking as good as new.

This was a major repair, the bottom of the rear quarter panel and sill had been bent in over at the point of impact. The driver’s side sill needed replacing as this was damaged beyond repair. We then proceeded to start to pull the damaged bodywork and door panel back out to a point where it was almost back to its original level.

Once this stage was completed we could start doing some finer work on the damaged area, making smaller repairs to help rise up areas of the bodywork that were still uneven. This minimises the amount of filler needed at later stages therefore giving a better all-round finish.

Once the dent repair was as near to perfect as possible, we then went on to grind off the paint around the area of the damage. Applying high quality filler, sanding the area back and where necessary repeating the process until the bodywork was even and the swage lines were true to original.

The final stage as always is to prep the area ready for painting, add primer and base coat. In this case the base coat was Black Sapphire Metallic (paint code 475).

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